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When I came to research Swiss Lips a little more for this blog post I didn't realise they were as well known as they are! I thought they'd had one or two plays on Radio 1 and I didn't even know they were signed, how little I knew! I found about the band online so had no idea about the madness around them!

Swiss Lips are a five-piece dance-electro-pop band from Manchester. (Fellow Mancunians, always a good start.) They're signed to Sony Records and have released two singles 'U Got The Power' and 'Danz'. The track 'U Got The Power' won the support of Radio 1 as Scott Mills named it his Big Thing in April. 'U Got the Power' has also been remixed by Silverclub, Monsieur Adi and Bastille. (Bastille's remix is brill, it is a mellow take on the already dancey track - Listen here)

I've been loving Swiss Lips for a good couple of months now and I have enjoyed looking more into them for this little feature. If you're about Manchester they are playing Pride on August 24th and a few other dates dotting about the country whilst also working on their debut album, which should see light by the end of the year, I can't bloody wait!

I particularly enjoyed the video for 'Danz' I love seeing music videos of places I walk through every day, especially if there's a man hip swivelling and running around them!

What do you think of Swiss Lips? Do you know of any new bands I should be listening to?

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