The Wolverine Screening

On Friday morning, I heard that as part of 'educating Grimmy' on Radio 1 (which is a film week they were doing) the breakfast show team were coming up to Manchester for a screening of The Wolverine at the Odeon in the Printworks. There were 60 pairs of free tickets available and I luckily got pretty much the last two!

Me and my friend Siobhan (Weekend Rambles) had to jiggle things about due to her birthday meal being on the same night but we booked the table for later on in the evening and popped on over to the Printworks. Me, having no idea about films didn't realise The Wolverine hadn't actually come out yet (release date 26th July) and it was all exclusive and stuff. They took our phones off us to no photos unfortunately but other than Grimmy; Rihanna (film critic) and Ian Chaloner (producer) attended - just seeing these two alone I was loving it. I think Rihanna noticed that I recognised her and asked me over and we had a little interview about the film.

After Grimmy did an introduction we all sat down to a 3 minute clip of Hugh Jackman basically telling up to enjoy the movie and saying 'tell people about it, 'but don't tell them too much'. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the film, the 3D and the locations were brilliant (My favourite part was the train scene but i'm saying no more than that) Unfortunately we had to leave a little early to make our reservations at Giraffe but I will definitely be going back to the cinema to watch it again!

This is the second Radio 1 free event I've been to and if you get a chance to go I'd definitely recommend it, they don't disappoint!

Recently I've been listening to: Chvrches - Gun
One of the best new bands I've heard in 2013, I'm looking forward to checking them out at Leeds later on in the year!

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