Leeds Festival 2013 | Day 2

So, this what I got up to on the second day of Leeds Festival, if you haven't read day one click here to get up to date.

LIES. It is blatantly obvious that the second photo was infact taken on Friday. I just forgot to pop it in there yesterday, however it does show how much crap can fall from the sky in 24 hours quite nicely.

Another thing I forgot to mention in my previous post, I saw comedian Russell Kane perform on the Friday afternoon which was brilliant, I have never seen a live comedy gig before, never mind at a festival so that has definitely encouraged me to get out there and see more live comedy. I think the weather had got to the crowd so everyone was quite subdued even though Russell Kane was as hilarious as always!

Of course the Saturday highlight was my faveys Bastille. This was the first time I had ever seen them live and I was internally crying. My only regret was not taking any photos throughout the gig because I was too squished to move, all I could do was pogo every now and again. I also got barrier so that added to the excitement. To top it all off To Kill A King came on stage to sing Pompeii as they originally did on the record. I think I was the only person around me who actually knew who they were as I was buzzing and I was getting some odd looks from the surrounding audience. It was nice to see how much more confident the band have become since this time last year. I was so surprised when Dan Smith (lead singer) came bounding onto the stage and head banging throughout Bad Blood, it was lovely to see.
That day I also got to see Green Day, Kodaline, Peace, Frightened Rabbit and a new band I have been loving at the moment, Half Moon Run. Green Day were bloody incredible and a band that I have wanted to see for so many years. As it is the 20 year anniversary of Dookie in 2014 they played the whole album out as well as a load of other classics that the crowd yelled back to them. Unfortunately the band said that would be the last gig of theirs for a while. Peace were also very good and played their live lounge cover which was White Noise by Disclosure with bits of Pink Floyd, Bee Gees and Stevie Wonder thrown in there, which is an incredible mixture that I thought would never work together. I ended up hearing this song so many times as a few other bands covered it too.
Once again, it was throwing it down all day with some of the circus tents actually leaking at some points, fun fun fun!

PS. Here are some of the songs that I was loving on Saturday...

Did you go to Reading or Leeds Festival?


  1. Sounds amazing! Would love the see peace live - they're amazing!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

    1. They are so good live! Definitely recommend going to see them! x

  2. I was there last Saturday and saw Green Day, Peace and Bastille too. Bastille were so brilliant! I genuinely got so emotional during Pompeii. Seems like you had an awesome time at Leeds Fest despite the terrible weather!
    Lottie :)

    1. I love Bastille, I thought i'd be an emotional wreck seeing them live but I was fine, haha!