Vogue's Fashion Night Out 2013

(Photo taken by The Mancoralist)

Something decent finally happened in Manchester! YES! Last night was Vogue's annual Fashion Night Out, this is usually in London but for once they held the event up north. When I got into the centre of town I instantly just saw the event as a lot of pretty people stumbling around in their high heels, drinking all the free alcohol they can get their hands on before falling over. But then I delved deeper and saw that there were some really great things going on around the city!

From DJ sets in Selfridges to a fashion over the decades exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery there was something happening in every corner of the city. We firstly headed over to St. Annes Square where we were treated to free milkshakes in Gap courtesy of Fruit Exchange, we then preceded to have a wander about to see what we could find. We stumbled across the giant pink Boohoo.com bus (which I had previously been in at Parklife) where we were surprised to find a manicure and hair styling session waiting for us - for free! I couldn't get over all the freebies. There was a 'treasure hunt' going on in House Of Fraser which was the easiest treasure hunt I've ever done, a 2 year old could have completed it. The idea was to find an issue of VOGUE around the shop and you get a prize. My friend won a dress (I knew she'd get the better prize!) and I won a £5 gift voucher.

Jameela Jamil, Pixie Geldof and Bip Ling were DJing in various shops and we met them which was lovely, if things couldn't get any better we finished the night off with a free gift voucher for Selfridges which I spent on an American Apparel scrunchie. The only thing within the price range. I'm usually against American Apparel because it's so expensive but that was a one off! It was lovely to see such a prestigious event happening in my city and I thoroughly hope they bring it back next year!

Todays listening: The Wombats - Your Body Is A Weapon
This song is classic Wombats. Nothing new. Just more of the brilliance that they have produced on their previous two albums. I will be playing this for the first time on my radio show on Tuesday (link in the nav bar) and I'm really excited about this because I've loved this band for ages! Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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