Jake Bugg - O2 Apollo, Manchester

So, on the 7th November 2013 I saw Jake Bugg at the O2 Apollo in Manchester. Yes I know, this post is long overdue.
In the run up to the gig I didn't tend to listen to his album. It was a bit of a grower for me earlier in the year but once i'd got into it I was obsessed. With support acts that have vanished from my brain, they weren't anything exciting to report on. Wearing black, his big mop of hair and a guitar slung over one shoulder, Jake Bugg strolls onto stage to a cheering crowd. With a range of songs from his self titled debut and 'Shangri La' (which was not yet released at the time) he was on top form.

He rarely spoke and just got on with it, which I liked. He isn't much of a 'showman' but it was obvious to all there how effortless this is to him. With his style of stripped back rock n roll he is the perfect cure to bands like One Direction, but like 1D, Jake Bugg does attract his own gang of young girls screaming when he dones the stage. That, mixed with 6ft men in tracksuits lobbing beer and pissing in bottles that congregate towards the middle of the crowd.

Although Jake was on top of his game, the crowd weren't. On quiet songs such as 'Country Song' and unknown new songs, people became agitated, spoke loudly and chanted. I got the feel that I was at a party and Jake Bugg was just the entertainer in the corner. This didn't faze Jake though and he continued to perform songs off both albums.

Since the gig I have listened to 'Shangri La' and it is completely brilliant, I encourage anyone reading this to go and give it a listen. I actually think it's better than his debut and he sounds so much better with a band behind him.

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