Almost Famous Burgers - Manchester

I've never written about a restaurant before, its something i'd never thought about doing but once I heard that i'd be spending my Friday night devouring the American cuisine at Almost Famous, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

Almost Famous is a burger bar that has reopened in Manchester since a fire ravaged their original home in the Northern Quarter last year. They have spread their wings and now live at the Great Northern Warehouse, famed for the AMC and All Star Lanes. Now, this place has been hyped up unbelievable amounts recently, especially by my friend Siobhan. So I gave in and popped along to check it out. 

From outside, the restaurant looks suave and sophisticated, somewhere the cool kids of the city with a bit of money would eat. Open the glass doors and this is matched with graffitied walls and a blast of cheesy love songs. An odd mix. Although I never went to their previous place, photographs show how the owners of Almost Famous have stepped it up a notch and got the decor spot on for this part of town. The Northern Quarter has a chilled vibe, and that was represented in the chic cafe style of their old place, although the red American food baskets have stuck around to give the restaurant that 'grab and go' kinda feel.

Now onto the main event, the food. I ordered the 'famous burger' and we shared the 'bacon bacon fries' (they're huge). The fries were the most amazing heart attack food i've ever had. They were covered in 'baconaise' and little chunks of bacon (omg). Health freaks stay away from this place. I wasn't overly impressed with the burger. I expected it to mouth watering-ly good, but it just didn't have that wow factor (if you don't get the wow factor from a burger, head to gbk). 

In my opinion, don't believe the hype. I think people like to say they've been here to seem cool and ahead of the game. Skip the burger and head for the fries.


  1. I need to try this place, the burgers look incredible! I love your boots too x

    1. Thank you, they are really good! x