Maximo Park - Too Much Information

I recently had a listen to Maximo Park's new album and as they're one of my favourite bands, of course I had to write a little piece about 'Too Much Information'.

The highlight tracks for me are 'Brain Cells' (which could possibly overtake Graffiti in my rank of favourite Maximo Park songs) 'Leave This Island' and 'Where We're Going'. All of which are different in pace, with the latter being more calming and thought provoking to end the 11 track record. It's the sort of song you'd sit on the bus and stare out of the window to, feeling like the star of your own little music video. 

Just me? 

Paul Smith doesn't sound as yelpy(?) as previous albums and their sound is softer around the edges. This album is not progressive in anyway, nor is regressive, it just is. They certainly haven't strayed from the path with their fifth album, their winning formula of infectious indie tracks with witty lyrics still goes down well. They're growing old with grace possibly. Put it this way it isn't up there with 'Our Earthly Pleasures' but definitely isn't as unbearable as 'Quicken The Heart'.

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