Half Moon Run - Albert Hall, Manchester

When I saw Half Moon Run back at R&L, they were relatively unknown. Now they're popping up everywhere and wowing everyone with their awesome album 'dark eyes' and single, 'Full Circle' - one of my favourite songs from 2013.

Half Moon Run hit Manchester's Albert Hall back in November for the first live event since the venue had been refurbished. Never having been inside the venue before I can't tell you how it's changed, but it is beautiful. Once entering, it's hard to stop your eyes from darting across the room towards the mammoth organ that stands behind the stage. Then to the ornate walls and grand stained glass windows. It has to be one of the most atmospheric buildings i've seen a band in. Denai Moore was the most memorable support act. The 20 year old played material from her new EP, 'The Lake' and provided little bits of nervous chat in amongst her set.

The band were greeted with applause from the audience and went straight into the album track '21 Gun Salute'. This was sang back to them and swayed to accordingly. I love to see a band that's grateful for the people who have turned up to see them, and Half Moon Run were one of these bands. From the nights first 'Manchesterrrrrrr' to them staring out into the crowd in sheer bewilderment and happiness.

The encore was by far my favourite part of the set, they finished with a stripped back piece, stood at the front of the stage with no instruments. They used clapping and foot stamping for the beat and encouraged the audience to participate. 'There goes the renovation' I thought as hundreds of people banged their feet in unison. It was an incredible thing to be involved in. A perfect ending to the night.


  1. My brother went to this gig, he told me how good the encore was!

    I wish I could've seen them too! x

    1. It was incredible, you need to get down to one of their gigs!