The New Cow - Manchester, NQ

Cow has always been one of the best vintage stores in Manchester, but in it's old home of Piccadilly bus station it seemed a little misplaced, squished between an M&S and Quality Save. But with their new store in the Northern Quarter they fit right in, as if they've been part of the furniture for years. 

The store, on the corner of Oldham Street and Church Street has been completely redisigned with many new quirky ideas, including metal buckets decorating the walls as well as on the heads of mannequins(!) The store is now three times bigger than it used to be and holds many more original and reworked clothing. Unlike any other vintage store, the clothes are neatly set out and its a pleasure to go into without feeling you're at a jumble sale with a horrible musty smell, this is what usually puts me off.

Overall it's a charming little addition to the Northern Quarter and is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Reasonably priced too!

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  1. I would love to visit the store but being up in Scotland will prove a bit of a challenge, maybe one day! Looks awesome :)

    Belinda Louise UK Personal Style Blogger | Fashion Crossing