A Weekend At Leeds Festival

After the weather fiasco of 2013 I questioned myself why I was heading back to Bramham park for this years Leeds Festival. Clothes for all weathers in tow (wellies and SPF) and a stellar line up to look forward to, I bundled my excessively heavy bag onto the coach and prayed for sun. 

After putting up the tent in the wind and rain (great start), setting down my camping chair and pulling out a cider, I began to enjoy other peoples struggles of constructing tents and turning up late to a packed field. Theres no greater satisfaction. I believe everyone should go to a festival at least once, nothing compares to watching your favourite band/singer in a field with thousands of people, some times it can be brilliant and other times its terrible, but that experience is incomparable. It's a weekend where you're away from normal society, anything goes, it's somehow not like reality and it becomes completely normal step out of your tent in fancy dress or with UV paint on and nobody bats an eyelid. 

Gerard Way's debut solo performance was at Reading and Leeds 2014. Thousands flocked into the Radio 1/NME tent at noon to watch him. We all hoped for some My Chemical Romance songs, but weren't treated to any as his response was 'You won't have heard of any of these songs, but you'll love them'. And he was right, his new stuff such as Action Cat and No Shows are an interesting progression. The Courteeners headlined the same stage and smashed it, every show of theirs just turns into a mass sing along, especially with tracks off their debut, St, Jude. They're a band who take a lot of stick but do well at ignoring it and still continue to bring out brilliant records.

I took time out to see some upcoming bands over the weekend such as The Orwells, Royal Blood and Wolf Alice as well as We Were Evergreen. They collaborated with To Kill A King and Bastille to create this beauty a few years ago. They're a band I'll be definitely looking more into.

So after a weekend of brilliant music and laughing with friends I packed away my wellies and tent for next year.

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