Kwabs - Chadderton Swimming Baths, Manchester

Kwabs is a male artist who came to my attention in 2013. He's making these synth/electronic/r&b sounds which isn't out of the ordinary if you look towards Jacob Banks and Chet Faker, but what makes Kwabs different is his soulful voice. It silences an audience, and this is what I experienced when he stunned the room at Chadderton Swimming Baths.

I won tickets to this invite-only gig through and was wowed by how out of the ordinary the experience was. For one, we were in an art deco building that had been empty for 80 years. Secondly, all of the performances were in the deep end of a drained out swimming pool. The audience stood round the side, drank free beer and enjoyed the intimate music experience.

Support act Sinead Harnett treated us all to a beautiful set including her single 'No Other Way' plus a stripped back acoustic version of 'Hide', her collaboration with Rudimental. Then, appearing by spotlight, Kwabs walked along the balcony and climbed down the ladders into the deep end of the pool, joining his band as he sent soothing tones around the derelict room. 

The whole night was incredibly moving and left small audience walking into the cold Manchester night with a warm and and pleasant feeling within them. Thanks to Nokia for hosting this one-off experience.

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