Packing My Life Into A Suitcase

The thought of University is a daunting prospect. It sneaks up on you in no time and leaves you sat there thinking 'Where did my summer go?' and more importantly 'Where did my childhood go?!' So for me, I didn't think about it. I knew it was coming up around the corner, but however much I tried to push it to the back of my mind I quickly found myself scouring the Asda shelves for cheap pots and pans.

I'm at Liverpool John Moores University studying Journalism and I've been here over a month, freshers has been and gone and now I'm expected to actually concentrate on the work. For the first couple of weeks, I didn't feel like I was here to work. It felt like some form of summer camp where everyone is care free and it's perfectly acceptable to drink wine out of a mug.

You're thrown into an environment where you don't know anybody, you're forced to live with people you could despise but somehow a confidence you never knew you had peeps out. You find yourself saying yes to things that the old you wouldn't have and actually enjoying it in the process.

Days and nights blur into one. It leaves you sat there questioning how you've spent the past month, but if my Facebook wall has anything to say, it's that I've met some interesting new people, had new experiences... and drank a lot of cheap wine.

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