Kimberly Anne - The Wonder Inn, Manchester

A calming voice, insane hair and a wide range of Pat Butcher style shirts – what isn’t there to love about Kimberly Anne?

Walking through the door of what looked like an abandoned building, there stood a dark, empty room, with only umbrellas and fairy lights to cover the ceiling. With no signs to say we were in the right place, we walked in hoping it wasn’t crack den, but in fact a gallery where Kimberly Anne would be playing a free acoustic gig.

Walking up the stairs, the room opened up to be an art gallery, showcasing feminist art from MMU Students. The art exhibition, named ‘Soft Matters,’ aimed to function as a catalyst for discussion. The show brought together a group of international artists whose work shared a common visual language. I particularly enjoyed the leather jacket, with boobs for elbows.

This was the third time I’d seen Kimberly Anne live, first supporting Saint Raymond early last year and then again at Nick Mulvey’s gig at Gorilla (which she claims is the worst gig she’s ever done – I disagree) So, I knew what I was in for. A few witty comments in between songs and a completely mesmerising performance.

The aim for this six date tour was to play to anywhere but venues. Her ‘Complete My Tour’ included playing in a barbers, a laundrette and a vintage shop, along with Manchester’s ‘The Wonder Inn’.

As the venue was chosen by the audience, so were the songs. Bounding towards us came an excitable Kimberly Anne holding out a book for us to tally which songs we’d like to hear play. This meant that the set was flawless, including ‘Hard As Hello’, ‘La La’ and the first single from her album to be released over summer, ‘Bury It There’.

Along with the main act, we were treated to a bunch of songs from Russell Swallow, one half of the band Swallow And The Wolf. If the night couldn’t get any better, free pizza was on offer. The whole event sent us into the lovely Mancunian rain with a spring in our step.

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