Why I Hate Mascara...

I don't hate how it looks, because only a stupid person would say that but am I the only person who finds the application of it so tedious and annoying?
I have never found the perfect mascara for me or even one that doesn't stress me out every time I use it, and even when I might have done - something will go wrong! The brush will either be too big or too small, the formula will either be too thick that it won't come out of the tube or too gloopy that it attatches itself completely around so you can't even see the bristles. I can't win!
It's the one part of my make up routine that I wish I didn't have to do and sometimes i'm so glad that I often wear glasses to cover them up so I don't have to make as much of an effort!
So, my latest try has been the Soap & Glory 'Thick and Fast' mascara, and Soap and Glory has always been a brand that I have associated with gorgeous smelling lotions and potions, not staple makeup products. Until I had seen so many reviews of their products and thought i'd give it a go!
I think I must have drawn the short straw of the thousands of these mascaras made because as I got home to use it I found it had gone all horrible and all of the mascara had stuck to the bristles of the brush which meant when you put it back into the tube it spilled out everywhere. Not a good look.
So upon returning to Boots to swap it for an in date product I cannot wait to see how it looks and continue my quest to find the perfect mascara! haha.




  1. I saw your twitter teaser and I just knew you would say that! Mascara is a b!

    1. I know, it definitely is! Why can't we all just be born with long dark lashes? haha x