To Kill A King and Friends

 I've really been loving To Kill A King since getting their EP 'My Crooked Saint' at the start of the year and this has now been rekindled when I bought their album a couple of days ago. The album mostly consists of relaxing acoustic sounds, noticeably with the opening track ‘I work Nights and You Work Days’, which sees front-man Ralph's voice alone with a delicate piano accompaniment.
One of my favourites off the album is 'Choices' and what I found on YouTube has made me love it even more. This accoustic session is genuinely so amazing and definitely gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. Everyone is smiling so so much in the video and obviously enjoying it so much, this is the final in the series of 'Ralph's Balcony' and features Bastille, Emily Wood, Youth Imperial, Professor Penguin, We Were Evergreen, The Title Sequence & To Kill A King. They obviously couldn't all fit on Ralph's Balcony.
You can buy the full album (Ralph's Balcony - The Collection) here

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