Alt J - Estocada/Something Good

As i'm going to see Alt J tonight in Manchester I thought i'd repost something from my old blog that I wrote last August. I really thought this would be a pointless post but quite a lot of people have got in touch with me and said it was quite useful so, here you go...

'I got really confused - although it doesn't take much. As to why I heard this new release today on the radio from Alt J, but the name had changed from Estocada (which it is on the album) to Something Good. Then I realised that Estocada must be something to do with bull riding because of the line 'Matador, estocada, you're my blood sport'
Anyway, its odd and they probably changed the name to make it more relatable as estocada is a spanish word that means stab/lunge.
That was a load of information that you probably didn't need to know.'

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