March & April Obsessions

Apologies for the lateness of this post but finding time to sit down and do this has been difficult! The last two months I haven't bought many new products as I have loved the ones I already had and didn't like the idea of parting with them to find something new.

I'll take you back to the start of March with my first 'favourite' as I wrote a post on this when I first got it into my grasp - read it here
If any of you follow me on twitter you'll know how obsessed I am much I love Bastille at the moment. I've recently bought tickets to see them with a few of my friends in October and I don't think i've ever been so panicked and relieved in a small space of time. I won't go into it.
I don't have a favourite off the album because they're all so bloody perfect but a couple of weeks ago I bought the extended tracks and I cannot stop listening to The Silence. I just hope they play it live when I see them because it will be the most perfect moment of my life. I'm not even joking.

I was given a small pot of this at the Student Spring Break event I attended a few weeks ago and was really excited to try it as other than the bath bombs and an occasional lip product, i've never bought much from Lush. I thought i'd find this a bit of a faff because but its basically an alternative to using a moisuriser. I really love the smell which it leaves on the skin for ages and it also makes your skin feel moisturised as soon as you step out of the shower. I will defiantly be buying a full sized pot when I next visit Lush!

Bearing in mind this nail polish is usually £9, it's bloody brilliant that the magazine Marie Claire were giving it away free last month! I've been wearing Pocket Money constantly since I got it as it makes your nails look so clean and sophisticated without hardly any effort. It dries quicker than any nail polish i've had before and stays on for ages. However, the first coat was really streaky so a second coat is definitely needed to give an even finish.

I'm really quite late on the hype of these things. SO many people have been raving about them for months and only now have I caught on and wandered over to Boots to get myself one (or two) They are so bright and pigmented and will be great for the summer! My only criticism is that you probably would need a lip liner for them which I do not own. So other than that they are brilliant!
I bought Stellar snd Apocaliptic.

I had a right hoo ha with this product at the start of the month, but now I have learnt to love it - read about that here.  was moaning in that blog post about how i've never found a mascara that I don't find tedious to apply but I think this is would have to be as good as i'm going to get. I definitely find using mascara 'brushes' as opposed to 'wands' a lot easier and more... enjoyable, if you will. It applies easily and adds volume as well as length. It also lasts for a long time, which is always a bonus!

This product is so weird but so brilliant. It's like a liquid eye liner, but in pencil form. I'm scared of liquid liners and like to stear clear of them but this glides on just like liquid would do and stays on all day. Before this I was using a Max Factor pencil that would smudge off so bloody easily i'd end up with a print on my upper eye, which looks terrible. My only criticism of this would be that the tip is so soft and has a tendency to break off easily.

Thank you for reading and I hope you're enjoying your bank holiday!


  1. Ahhhh I love bastille!!!! They're so beautiful :) I also really love this soap and glory mascara! Xx

    1. They are aren't they! I think everyone I know is sick of me talking about them now, haha! x