Messages On The Telephone.

Hello hello!
I thought i'd take you back to last year when I was doing my final GCSE exams and completing coursework, which included these contraptions above!
I took BTEC Art and Design as well as GCSE which meant a whole load of more work, but luckily I enjoyed it so much and saw it as an escape from revision. These phones are my favourite of the pieces I made in school as well as a dress I created entirely using gig tickets from my favourite bands (I think i'll save that for another post)
Our exam was based on messages, and wheras other people chose to go down the route of 'a message on Anorexia or drug/alcohol abuse' I thought i'd take it quite literally create something on how people have sent and recieved messages through time and how technology has changed this.
I took inspiration from the artist Jennifer Collier who I absolutely love (check out her work here) and also made sculptures using what felt like thousands of layers of cellotape.
I originally made six telephones although I only collected my favourite three when I left school (and they've knocked the place down now so god knows where they've gone) They were made to symbolise the most common ways of sending messages and when each of these were invented.
These telephones were entirely created using modrock, (I did this by finding a vintage telephone to use as a mold, I then covered it in celephane and layered on up to six layers of modrock to create the hard shell) (This took longer than I originally thought, a lot longer!)
I then layered them in photographs of each type of messages and finished by adding tags to show the date of the invention and buttons.
I was so happy with these and releaved when I got an A* in Art and Design. I really do miss that subject!
p.s no they do not work, the amount of people who have picked them up trying to call someone is unbelievable!


  1. Oh wow, I love these! I'm half way through my Art GCSE and am totally addicted though, I have turned into a bit of a hoarder! ^.^
    Nora xx

    1. I loved doing my art GCSE so much! I miss it loads, I do textiles in college but its really not as enjoyable! xx

  2. What a interesting piece I love it! I've just done my GCSE Art exam a few weeks ago and I'm moving on to do Art and Design at college I hope I enjoy it as much xx

    1. Thanks! I loved doing Art and Design so much in school, good luck for your results! xx