Alt J - Academy 1, Manchester

Last week I saw Alt J at Manchester Academy, the previous night I had seen Rudimental at the same venue. I assume there was very few people who went to both. I couldn't have picked two opposing bands if i'd tried!

As I assumed, Alt J followed through the tracklisting of their album in order with the interludes fitting into place starting with Intro which then flowed into Interlude 1 and Tessellate. The lead singer's voice is absolutely incredible and just sounds exactly the same to how it does on the album. I listened to 'An Awesome Wave' constantly when it came outlast year, so much so that I couldn't listen to it anymore. The only fault, well its not a fault, its probably just me but I cannot understand a word he is saying. So this makes me feel like I can't sing along because I don't want to sound like a dick singing all of the wrong words! Standing second row you're supposed to know the words, so I just mumbled along to myself, is this only me?

The band looked genuinely shocked and baffled when the crowd knew all of the songs from the first note, especially Taro. None of the band spoke for the first 20 minutes of the set with then only the keyboard player adding to most of the dialogue on stage. Nobody else really spoke.

Overall a really good gig, I can now see why they've won all of the awards that they have.

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