Parklife 2013 | Day 1

I went to my first festival of 2013 last weekend with my friend Siobhan. Parklife is a fairly new festival which has only been going for four years in Manchester. This year it was held in Heaton Park instead of Platt Fields where bands such as Oasis and The Stone Roses have played over recent years.
The festival held mostly drum and bass/dance artists with also a few alternative rock bands. Luckily for me, I live about 3 miles from the park so jumped at the chance of going. And for a two day festival with headliners like Example and Plan B it was CHEAP.

I hadn't really thought much about the festival until we actually got through the gates, then I got super excited. Heading straight to Nandos on site, realising it was too expensive and moving along to the burger van next door, we were ready to hit up the festival! Most of Saturday we stayed around the main stage and saw Delphic, The Temper Trap, Rudimental, Jessie Ware and The Maccabees.

I bought Delphic's album a couple of years ago and only liked a couple of songs such as Doubt and Halcyon, and at Parklife these two were brilliant, but the crowd were up for bouncing about to anything even if they had never heard it.

With The Temper Trap, I've always known that I would love every single song of theirs but I never actually got round to hearing more than Trembling Hands and Sweet Disposition. So a couple of weeks before, I listened to 'Conditions' which is their debut and now I'm obsessed. They were a Parklife highlight for me and thousands of people in the sun singing Sweet Disposition was not to be missed. Rudimental were a lot better than when I saw them at Manchester Academy on their tour, probably because this time I actually knew the songs. Ella Eyre was with them again although 'Feel The Love' just wasn't the same because John Newman didn't make an appearance.

I saw Jessie Ware in May last year at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend when she had just brought out 110%, she was really good then as she was at the weekend. Although, I was hoping for Disclosure to come on stage for the remix of Running (as they did last year) but unfortunately they didn't, still a great set though! Somehow for The Maccabees we ended up on the barrier, and I turned into one of those people who try to know the words but don't know the words and are stood right at the front. I have never seen the fascination with The Maccabees, I liked Pelican but thought their album was pretty average (unpopular opinion) and live, they were really very good, and obviously Pelican went off.

Due to a scheduling mix up (cheers Parklife for the heads up, or not.) we didn't get to see Disclosure because they changed the tent at the last minute; which was a bit annoying but the rest of the music made up for it!

Did you go to Parklife? Are you going to any festivals this summer?
 My Day 2 of Parklife shall be up shortly!


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  2. I recently went to a Radio 1's Big Weekend and the line up was amazing! Would love to see The Maccabees, Johnny Marr & Rudimental! Lovely blog by the way! :)
    Rachael x
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    1. I went to the Radio 1 Big Weekend last year in Hackney, it was brilliant - the acts are incredible for a free event! x