Bourjois Laser Toppings

I've seen a few people about with these toppings on their nails so I went into Boots last week and SCOURED the shelves to find them! The Bourjois Laser Toppings are £5.99 in Boots and come in Neon Blue (which is the colour I have), Aqua Purple and Sun Scales which is a goldy pink colour.
At the moment I have only tested it over 'Show Me White' from Sinful Colors (As I bought them on the same day) but I think this would look great over any blue shade, black or even a nude. Application wise you do need a good couple of coats as the sprinkles are quite sparse on the brush and you might have to fill in in a bit, but you're never going to get each nail symmetrical to the previous. You just gotta get over this fact!

While glitter is a usually a pain to remove, these strands are a lot easier to take off, possibly because unlike glitter which are made up of smaller particles, the strands are bigger in comparison. *I'm no nail artist (obviously) and any of you can do a better job than this shoddy mess, but I thought i'd show you anyway!*
What do you think? Are there any other nail art products you think I should try out?
Today's listening: Viva Brother - Still Here 
Did anyone else love this band before they split up? I did, I thought they were brilliant. They were the first new band that I found out about myself without the help of a radio station or friends letting me know. I was well chuffed at 14 going into school and telling people about them. I saw them about three times, I bet Viva Brother (or Brother, as they were at the time) loved having a group of 14/15 year olds trying to bounce about all over the place! They got loads of stick from NME and Pitchfork and then they had to change their name, and then they split up. Gutting times. Now the lead singer has joined a band called 'Lovelife' who are a bag of shite.



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  2. I really want to try top coats like that since I've seen so many reviews on them, great post! xx

    1. Now I've got this one I need to get more! Plain nails are boring now haha! x