Introducing | Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma are a band that came to my attention a couple of months ago when I was looking online for a few new bands to play on my radio show. I saw that Huw Stevens was a fan of them and just thought, they must be good if he's a fan! They're a rock band from Australia and brought their debut album 'Howlin' out in June. Their album is a great summer listen and I think it mixes dance and indie music brilliantly together.
On my first listen to single 'Man I Need' I immediately thought they must be influenced by the Mancunian music scene, as they do sound very familiar to The Stone Roses, also their album gained praise from Noel Gallagher! The band's name comes from drummer Jono Ma's surname and a painting of a jaguar found by the side of a road that was given to the band by a friend. Guitarist and lead vocalist Gabriel Winterfield said "He kinda gave it to us and it became this sort of omen. I took a photo of it and had it as the background on my phone, it was a weird thing.”
'Howlin' has become one of my favourite albums of 2013 and I was listening to it loads when I was out in Ibiza last week. Best listened to in the sun!

What do you think of Jagwar Ma? Do you know of any new bands I should be listening to?

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