IBIZA (2001-2013)

This isn't really going to be your bog standard 'oh I went on holiday let me brag and show you the pictures' type post because to be quite frank with you I didn't think about blogging once that week, or much else to that matter! It was nice to have a little bit of time off to relax, because even though I have finished college for the summer I have, not, stopped.

The reason I haven't blogged properly in a while was due to my busy-ness. I got the chance this week to do two days work experience at the itv studios in Manchester. This was such a privilege as I was shadowing the sound engineers, camera men and editors who work on Coronation Street. They even let me have a walk down the street and have a nosey at them filming some scenes in the Rovers!

I went to Es Cana in Ibiza with my family at the end of July. I don't think people realise that there is actually another side to Ibiza where there aren't people falling out of clubs left right and centre. Es Cana is so quaint. I have been going there every other year since I was about 5. Resulting in the total amount of trips there being about seven. I absolutely used to love it when I was younger but now I have become slightly disinterested in the place. You know everywhere, you know what you're gonna get and it had lost all the excitement it once had years ago.

I think the problem may also have been that I am 17 and there was pretty much nothing to do there at night, my brother felt the same and we all agreed that would probably be our last holiday together as a family. It was quite sad to think it was the end of an era and something that has been normal to us all for so many years was not going to happen anymore.

I now realise and appreciate how much planning goes into booking a holiday as I am looking into going on holiday with a group of my friends next year, you take it for granted when your parents do it all for you! It is a 'coming of age' thing I suppose.

I thought I would leave you with a couple of photographs. There has been a tradition every year when we go to Ibiza, in that whether we are staying in this hotel or not, me and my brother sit on these steps for a photograph. These are one of the earliest and one that was taken just a few weeks ago.

Kickin' it in that maxi.
Reading back through that post made me really quite sad!
Do you have a certain place you love going back to? Are you my age and are coming to this point in the 'family holiday' era?