Bastille - Academy 1, Manchester

Bastille played Manchester Academy on Tuesday night as part of their 'Bad Blood Returns' tour. They have become one of my favourite bands of the moment so of course I popped along to see them. I've seen them live once previously at Leeds Festival, their set was the highlight of my weekend so having seen them on top form over the summer I had such high hopes for the night. I was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement throughout that day.

Nine times out of ten, support acts are terrible, but Bastille really seem to know what they're doing when picking artists to tour with. First on the bill were Swiss Lips, a band from Manchester who mix electronic sounds with teenage stories and anecdotes. Swiss Lips really do deserve all the love they're getting at the moment.

Chloe Howl was next. I'd heard lots about her, but never had the chance to give her a listen. I now realise that I should have.Chloe Howl's sound is really unique and uplifting, even though I'd vaguely heard her songs I felt like I knew every one. They were quirky and lyrically similar to the likes of Lily Allen or Kate Nash. I also just read that she's 17, the same age as me. Madness.

Listen: Chloe Howl - Rumour

Finally Bastille took to the stage with most recent single 'Things We Lost In The Fire' the crowd goes mad and I try to keep my fangirling to a minimum. They rattled through the setlist, including three new songs; 'Campus', 'Blame' and next single 'The Draw'. What really interested me about this new stuff was that it is very guitar heavy. This may be completely normal for pretty much every other band in the world but not Bastille. The guitar wasn't used on 'Bad Blood' and by listening to those new songs I can tell they're going to be using more electronic sounds also, hopefully this means a new album is on the way!

As with every gig the band play two covers. 'What Would You Do' and quite possibly my favourite cover ever 'Of The Night' (a mash up of 'Rhythm Of The Night and 'Rhythm is a Dancer) They convert the song into more of a night time lullaby than a 90s dance track. This is always my favourite part of the night and they end it on a high, 'Rhythm Of The Night' then straight into 'Pompeii'. Everyone is bouncing about all over the gaff, even those at the back who didn't know they knew the song.

I've seen Bastille twice now and I had watched loads of their live performances online, half way through the set I did begin to think well I've seen this all before and they haven't really done much different but I suppose the 'if it's not broke don't fix it' theory comes in here, I just can't wait for them to bring out a new album and start touring it, but I think I'll be waiting quite a while for that to happen!



  1. My friends went to this and I'm so jealous. At least it's made me more determined not to miss them next time round :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Yeah I'd definitely recommend it! They're brilliant live x

  2. Ah I love Bastille, such a great band!

    Meg ♡

  3. Bastille were the highlight of t in the park- they are amazing!!

    1. Ah I'm so jealous of you seeing them at T! My friend went and told me how you all sang happy birthday to Dan, wish I could have been there!