London Grammar - Sound Control, Manchester

London Grammar hit Manchester on Saturday night to transfix the sold out Sound Control audience with their atmospheric pop.

The vocals of London Grammar (Hannah Reid) are so chilling and they stun the venue to silence from the first note. In many ways, Sound Control, with its 500 capacity, is the perfect venue to see the band, especially given that a follow up series of dates for early next year has them playing to thousands at the Academy. Yes, the Academy, HUGE. But are they ready for thousands? Their music has rocketed them to places they probably never imagined. London Grammar have only been releasing music for 18 months and even though their sound would stand well at Manchester Academy, I don't think their stage presence could.

The most remarkable voice in new music only held the crowd for so long. After a few songs the crowd started to become agitated and chatted amongst themselves slightly. Due to their sound being so quaint, you could then hear those speaking and the glasses clinking from the bar at the back of the room. This also made me not want to sing along, because well, I can't sing and everyone could probably hear me.

There were still clear moments of shuddering beauty throughout the set, songs like 'Hey Now' and 'Wasting My Young Years' stood alone as the highlights of the night along with 'Metal and Dust' being the only signs of dancing in the crowd. 'Metal and Dust' is my morning alarm, I recommend it as its beautiful to wake up, but hearing your alarm being played live really is an odd experience.

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