Imagine Dragons - O2 Apollo, Manchester

Imagine Dragons hit Manchester a couple of months back to a sold out O2 Apollo. I had bought my friend tickets for her birthday so off we went to watch the Las Vegas band play. I hadn't looked into the supports, a cool looking band walked out onto stage and I instantly knew they would be worth sticking around for. A few seconds later I was surprised to hear 'In/Out' blasting from the stage. 'I know this. What the hell is this song?' I thought out loud. Dan Croll. I'd heard loads about Dan Croll but never had the chance to see him live until that night, it was such a surprise and he was on top form. Check out 'Compliment Your Soul' and 'From Nowhere'.

I always admire Imagine Dragons' live sets. Their sound being much more refreshing and enjoyable on stage. Not just to listen to, but to watch as well. Especially in a venue such as the Apollo, the acoustics were incredible. Alongside the band stood an enormous bass drum that lead singer, Dan Reynolds strikes and thumps throughout the set in extravagant movements. They bring the music to life, this is what makes an Imagine Dragons' gig so magical.

They also dropped giant balloons onto the elated audience during song 'Underdog'. I've never seen so many grown men jump for a pink balloon with confetti inside in my whole life. 5/5 for me!

FACT - 'Imagine Dragons' is really a pseudonym, an anagram of their real name, known only to the band!

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