Manchester Day Photo Diary

On Sunday, thousands flocked to the centre of Manchester to experience the annual 'Manchester Day'. The day kicked off at noon with a parade through the streets with more activities and shows going on in the main squares of the city. Albert Square saw circus artists take to the high wire whilst Great Northern Square had a mass-dance off to Olde Dance music with a modern twist. 

As I stood on John Dalton Street baking in the heat, which is a rarity for Manchester so you've got to catch it while you can, I saw everything from vintage Coronation Street characters on stilts to gigantic blowfish on mechanical contraptions. I adored the variety of cultures and ethnicities that marched past me, showing the diversity of the city. Each group having spent time to craft these incredible floats and banners for the entertainment of the crowd.

It was great to see such a buzz across the city, as we don't often have days like this in Manchester. Everyone usually has somewhere to go or someone to see, but to stop, watch and accept these different communities in the city was an eye opener.

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