I often have a wander around the Selfridges beauty hall and gorp at all of products in lust. Swatching as I go in hope that one day I'll walk out with a little yellow bag in my hand. Only me? Usually I end up in Boots, wishing I had a rich relative with a hefty inheritance. But, when my 18th birthday rolled around the corner and my friend walked towards me with one of those yellow bags of wonder I couldn't help but have a little squeal to myself. Here's what I thought of some of the products...

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Mont Blanc
This is like good skin in a bottle. I went to the Nars counter to test it out and instantly wanted to throw out any foundation I had in my drawers and dedicate my life to this one. It vanishes into the skin to create a really flawless looking complexion and it lasts really well. A little goes a long way with this formula and I was surprised with how little I need to pour out (tip: remember to buy the accompanying pump, every time I nip in they've sold out) Unlike my drugstore foundations it doesn't make you look cakey or have an orange tint if you accidentally use too much - which is always a bonus. 

Nars Radient Creamy Concealer - Vanilla
I feel like I could pop this on, blend with my Real Techniques buffing brush and be happy with my complexion. It isn't as dewy as the name would suggest but it's definitely creamy and blends in with ease. I don't use this daily as i'm still hooked on my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but for nights out it's a dream and stays right where I need it to.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Dragon Girl
I love a bold lip for any place, any time. So when I saw this popping out of the bag, excitement took over. 'Dragon Girl' is one of the newer shades in the collection and has a more pink-y tint to it when you apply it to the lips. It's extremely bright and quite in your face, but it's one that you can pair with a simple eye and be done. I wore it with a black dress for a ball last week and it gave my outfit a pop of colour, to make me look less like a funeral. 

So, clearly my friends know me VERY well when it comes to what I like to smother on my face, this has just made me want to circle the Nars counter like a shark waiting to pounce for my next buy. Yes I did just write that.

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  1. I've not bought anything from Nars yet! Feel like I'm missing out :)
    Megan x