X&Y Festival 2014 - Guild Of Students, Liverpool

Lauren Aquilina, Broken Men, Mathew and The Atlas and Racing Glaciers.
Friday saw up and coming bands hit Liverpool's Mountford Hall for this years X&Y Festival. With bands like Half Moon Run and Catfish and The Bottlemen drawing in the crowds, it was set to be an exciting night for new music.

After being verbally attacked by a security guard whilst going into the wrong set of toilets and then being practically frog marched to 'the right ones' like a naughty school child, I was prepared to be wowed by some local talent. Arriving at the first stage I was treated to the sight of Run Tiger Run midway through an impressive set and and if I strained my ears enough I could hear the beautiful, haunting sounds of Natalie McCool on The Courtyard stage. Unfortunately for her, we could hear more of the band next door during her set as they were so loud which ruined the atmosphere completely. Next was a band that i've been obsessing over since I saw them support Dan Croll, Racing Glaciers. Especially with their song 'New Conutry', the slightly synthesised baseline and uplifting guitar solo makes my ears do a happy dance every time I hear it. They also use a trumpet, any band who uses a wind instrument is great in my book. Listen here.

Although these bands were all great, I was there for the headliners - Half Moon Run, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Little Comets. The latter being a band who surprise me, they've been knocking about for a good 3/4 years now - to my knowledge anyway, and haven't grown in popularity. After a 20 minute wait they proceeded to play their easy to love, uplifting songs with catchy hooks from the previous two albums and a few new ones off the album due to be released this year. Listen to Isles and A little Opus.

It was very clear to see, that even though Half Moon Run were the official headliners, Catfish and The Bottlemen were the real headliners. Everyone in the crowd lost their shit before the first note was even played, they worshiped every song and the band had complete control over the audience. Mosh pits galore. After this set, the crowds seemed to fizzle away and even when Half Moon Run began their set, the main hall was only half full. None the less, Half Moon Run played a great gig with a good ol' sing a long for 'Full Circle.' A great end to the night.

Little Comets, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Half Moon Run.

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