Myself and my family took a trip up to Scotland last week, we were to travel up to Pitlochry, Loch Ness and Glasgow, which was our first stop. After a 3 hour journey from Manchester (Long car journeys make you realise that 90% of the UK is just empty fields and greenery) we arrived in the city, ready to take it all in. After being baffled by the amount of shops that lined the streets and this incredible building with a peacock strapped to the side of it, I noticed how brilliant Glasgow's buskers were. I saw a young boy singing Jake Bugg and Ed Sheeran songs with a guitar that must have been about twice the size of him, a one man band and many bag pipe players. Manchester, you need to step up your game. Preachers and sand dog builders don't cut it.

We then proceeded to travel up north to Pitlochry which had incredible picturesque scenery, cute tearooms and not a McDonalds in sight. Bliss. Later on in the week we went to Loch Ness (as my brother was certain he would be the one to discover the monster) but we quickly realised the whole area exists to make money off tourists. The Loch Ness museum was no where near the Loch and cost a family of four £22 to be told that the Loch Ness monster can't exist and every 'sighting' was more or less fake. I was hoping to come out intrigued but as the tour stated, there is nothing to eat in the Loch so what has this thing survived on for the past 200 years? Nothing, because it doesn't exist. What baffled me about all of this is that scientists have dedicated their lives and millions of pounds have been spent on the investigation. What a complete waste that they're now most likely making back in overpriced attractions.

Tip: Don't spend money to go around Urquhart Castle just to get a good view of the Loch, drive along side it where there are steps down to a pebbled beach.

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