When the cooler weather starts to make a comeback, out come the red lipsticks. 

NARS - Dragon Girl
'Dragon Girl' is one of the newer shades in the collection and has a more pink-y tint to it when you apply it to the lips. It's extremely bright, but it's one that you can pair with a simple eye and be done. I wore it with a black dress for a ball and it gave my outfit a pop of colour, to make me look less like a funeral. This is the only high-end product of the bunch but is worth it for the lasting power and pigmentation.

Rimmel London - 107
You know the deal with this one, it has been hyped massively over the past few years and all for good reasons. It's a shade that instantly makes your complexion look clearer due to its berry undertones. 107 is part of the Kate Moss Matte collection which means it can be quite drying on the lips, but if you prep your lips beforehand with a lip scrub/balm you can get the most out of the lipstick without it flaking and looking grotty.

Natural Collection - Raspberry
This is a lipstick that I've re-purchased about 3 times. The lasting power, creamy formula and pigmentation make it my go to all year round. It's also £2.99! Absolute bargain.

Rimmel London - 22
This colour is a little harder to wear and I usually say its a no-go for a casj day, but whatever floats your boat. 

Rimmel London Apocalips - 501 Stellar
Now onto a (sort of) lipgoss, the infamous Rimmel London Apolcalips. What I love about these is how they apply to lips wet but dry into a matte, so you need to hurry with the application. They're extremely bright and pigmented so pair with a nude eye to avoid the drag queen look. My only criticism is that you probably would need a lip liner for them as they tend to bleed.

Kiko - No Name :( 

When applied, the colour of this Kiko lipstick is very similar to NARS' 'Dragon Girl' so if you're not in the market for going all out on a high-end lipstick, give this one a go. Kiko's store on London's Regent Street screams high end, the brightness and buzz in the shop dragged us in. They have a TV on the ceiling!

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