Superfood are a Birmingham band that ooze nostalgia, just for something they've never had themselves. They're a mix of all things britpop, especially with track 'Right on Satellite' straight away having that familiar 90s sound. 'Mood Bomb' is a stand out track of the album, it makes you want to drive away into the sunset (when I pass my driving test) with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world. Everything seems okay when you put this on, until the 3 minutes end and you're dragged back into the harsh reality of life. Then have a very similar sound to 'Viva Brother', a self proclaimed 'Gritpop' band from 2011, hopefully this lot can last a little longer than 2 years.

I bought a pair of Doc Martens a few months ago and they've barely left my feet ever since. They go with everything and make my standard outfit of jeans and a t-shirt look a bit cooler. The patent look was also a good shout after having to wipe them down numerous times after too much vodka red bull being spilt.

Since arriving in Liverpool, the only kind of routine I have is going to Bumper every Tuesday. There are two types of Bumper, the crammed, sweaty, glass-crunching under your feet Bumper that we all love, then theres the tumble weed Bumper, where you've arrived too early and it's soul destroying. Bumper has the essence of an underground, dingy indie-rock club but with well thought out decor. If you're not too pissed off the £2.50 doubles, notice the wall covered in portraits with different frames and the range of vintage games dotted about the club.


  1. My brother's friend's sister is the bassist in Superfood! I came across them once with no idea then saw him post a status mentioning it a day or so later, very oddly timed :)
    Megan x
    London Callings