Introducing | Larkins

Larkins, a four piece from Manchester that I can't stop hearing about from just about everyone I know from back home.

When I caught them at their Retro Bar gig last week, it confirmed my first impression that they're not just one of those bands you know from college, they could probably count the number of gigs they've played on one hand yet they're already so powerful live.

With band members studying at various Universities around the country, other bands in this situation might struggle and crumble into non-existence, yet Larkins continue to produce new music and live shows.

Their gigs show how they have control over a crowd. Lead by Josh Noble, Larkins have a good stage presence for a band so early on in their career. They played a mixture of originals and covers, a Mancunian crowd pleaser came from The Smiths and they finished the show with White Lies' 'Farewell To The Fairground'. This made the gig for me, hearing the crowd clap and sing along was a moment to remember for them I'm sure.

Catch them next at Manchester's Roadhouse, 13th February, £5 entry.

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