Coasts - East Village Arts Club, Liverpool

My first gig in Liverpool since coming to university here took place at the Arts Club, to see Bristolian band Coasts. Supporting the band was Racing Glaciers, I think they must be taking any support slot they're given because this was the third time I'd seen them. Their track 'New Country is worth a listen, the slightly synthesised baseline and uplifting guitar solo makes my ears do a happy dance every time I hear it. They also use a trumpet, any band who uses a wind instrument is great in my book.

When Coasts took to the stage, their music brought a twinge of summer to a somewhat cold November evening, their funky indie pop radiated around the room. Songs 'A Rush Of Blood' and 'Oceans' were the standout tracks, although each song stood out in its own right with guitars to overload your sences and give you that happy, content feeling.

I thought the gig was all very professional, everything was slick. However, the lead singer Chris Cathes didn't attempt to interact with the crowd, failing to create an intimate experience for those in the crowd.

Here are my favourite songs from the band.


  1. I really want to see Coasts but they didn't come to Stoke for their last tour and I was too poor to travel unfortunately!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  2. I've heard of this band quite a bit recently, I'll definitely be checking them out!

    Meg ♡