I Need A Detox

It's 5am, smoke fills the air in this particular student accommodation, music screams from the probably Poundland bought speakers, the lyrics aren’t audible anymore. Bottles line the windowsill as well as the floor.  Tinsel still hangs from two months ago... at least it’s a bit of decoration in what would normally look like a prison cell.

Club night posters cling to the wall and a discarded Monopoly board is flung to the floor, as we're too wasted to deal out the money. When the room starts spinning, thats when we leave. I wake up, peeling my face from the pillow and wiping last nights Smirnoff off my Docs for the third time this week.

Routine is terrifying, we grow to like it, it’s a handed down instruction from the months before and suddenly it becomes your life.

Dancing till 4am, the last song, the same people.
We dance on pool tables and huddle together to sing the last lines of Champagne Supernova. Until we pour ourselves into the harsh night, not knowing where to go next.

The same burger from the same fast food restaurant. The golden arches welcome me and I know its a matter of moments before I will lay down in my bed (or someones welcoming floor)

I need to stop.
I thought to myself as I wipe Ketchup off my chin and pick up my drunken friend from her pool of chunky chunder. Even for a student, 10 nights out in a fortnight is excessive. Luckily for me, reading week was around the corner and nothing felt more welcoming than a hot bath and a Mr Selfridge marathon. 

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