Rae Morris - The Kazimer, Liverpool

In the same week that her debut album went to No.9 in the chart, Rae Morris began her UK tour at Liverpool's Kazimier. The singer played to the packed out amphitheatre, one of my favourite venues in the North West with the support of Fryars.

I perched myself halfway up the stairs in the Kazimier, a perfect view over most of the crowd's heads, to catch the end of Fryars' set. Fryars, aka Ben Garrett features on Rae Morris' album 'Unguarded' with the beautifully constructed 'Cold' as well as having produced and co-wrote for George Ezra in the past. On stage, his auto-tuned vocals fit perfectly with the track to create an otherworldly atmosphere in the small venue.

Rae Morris produced a range of songs from her newly released album whilst sat behind her keyboard. What struck me most about the singer, apart from her abundance of curly brown hair, was her ability to captivate the audience. The whole crowd was silent and where you can usually hear the odd chatter amongst the crowd, you could've heard a pin drop.

Her vocals were immaculate and were delivered perfectly with a maturity greater than her years. She remained humble throughout the performance, only leaving her keyboard at the end of the night where Fryars rejoined her on stage to perform their duet 'Cold'. A beautiful performance in a beautiful venue.

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