Introducing | Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt, a sophisticated blend of R&B, intense guitar riffs and a bass that beats right through to your bone, tied together with his vast vocal strength. Playing to a little over 450 people at Manchester Academy 3 a fortnight ago, supported by Billie Black, I half expected him to play a bigger venue due to his recent radio success.

The gig went from heavy Dubstep to acoustic in five minutes when some technical difficulties involving the feedback on the stage meant that he couldn't hear his own music. He kept the audience entertained with witty comments and was extremely keen to interact with the audience, thanking us a million times for supporting new music. Standing with his feat touching the edge of the stage, he played one of his tracks with no microphone.

His voice juxtaposes with the bass the music beautifully, his choir voice echoed through the venue to create a beautiful set. It was in no way polished and the short set probably left the crowd quite confused. What just happened? The hour felt like minutes but it was refreshing to see a new act properly going for it and taking the difficulties of live music in his stride.

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