Fill Your Summer With Festivals

Donne your bucket hat, hose down last years muddy wellies and prepare to drink horridly overpriced Strongbow. 
To ask people what summer means to them, your answers would probably include relaxing, spending time with friends and getting a week or two away in the sun. For me, its standing in muddy fields watching my favourite bands. I love everything about festivals; watching others struggle with their tents whilst you sit back with a cider, solely living off burgers for five days and completely forgetting about everything else whilst you live in a phone free, outside world free bubble.
Yes they’re muddy, yes they’re unhygienic and yes the toilets are as horrendous as everyone says, but you grin and bear it. I think everyone needs to experience a festival at least once in their life. As I wrote last year in my Weekend At Leeds Festival blog post, there is nothing that compares to watching your favourite band in the sun, surrounded by happily drunk people, equally enjoying it as much as you. Or it could be raining, in which case you hope the band you want to see are in a tent.
Seeing a band at a festival is completely different to a venue. At a venue the band knows they've already won over the crowd enough for them to buy a ticket, at festivals they've got the uncertainty that half the crowd have either been dragged there by a mate of just wandered over whilst they scoff a burger. Sometimes its brilliant, sometimes its awful but the experience is incomparable. 
We're fortunate here in the UK that there is a huge festival culture across the country. With hundreds taking place each year, you really have no excuse as they cater to everyone, young and old. I can't imagine my summer without a festival in there somewhere. I'm telling you now, go. You won't regret it.

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