A Weekend in Venice

Venice is the most beautiful place I've ever been to. 
No doubt about it. 
I felt like I was stuck in an Instagram picture for the 3 days I spent there.

After a few days in Rome we took a flight to the north of Italy. Venice's rare charm hits you straight away. Taking a water taxi into the city, boats wiz past you, gondolas saunter past and all of a sudden you're engulfed into what feels like another world, a place that is completely contrasting to anywhere else. 

Staying in an Airbnb, a stones throw away from Rialto bridge ensured we were in the heart of the city. We navigated the labyrinth of alleyways and climbed up what felt like a lifetime of stairs to find our home for the weekend. On the top floor. With a rooftop terrace that looked over the whole of Venice. An incredible view of rooftops for miles.

Being there only three days, we tried to fit in everything this romantic city could offer. From strolling through the alleyways to taking a trip through the canals on a gondola, I couldn't fault Venice in the slightest.

One of my favourite things about going to a new city is grabbing a map/my phone and start walking. It's much more cost efficient than public transport/taxis (in this case water taxis). If you've done your research, you'll be able to see the city in its natural state and as a foreigner, its always great to see the shops and cafes that line their streets and how the locals live.

We had been warned about watching our bags in Rome, due to the sheer amount of people around and pick pockets who pry on tourists. However, after my friend's purse was taken in a Venetian church, having an argument with an old Italian gypsy woman and eventually getting her things back, we were definitely more cautious walking around.

After consuming seven days worth of the most delicious pizza, pasta and lasagne I'd ever eaten. Italy had completely won me over and I did not want to leave. Alas, I boarded the plane for the last few weeks of being a University fresher. Madness.


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