Latest Make Up Addition - MAC

I've never been tempted to head over to the MAC counter before as, I'm skint. I've never thought spending £17 on a lipgloss would be worth it and I still don't to be honest. But I didn't buy it, my mum did and it'll most probably end up in my room over the next few weeks just as her Marc Jacobs 'Dot' perfume did.
The woman in House Of Fraser was raving about this product so much I think she practically made my mum buy it, but i'm glad she did!
Persistent Peach is nothing new but its such a lovely shade that is fairly universal and works equally well on it's own or layered over another lip shade. It is rather sticky which I don't recommend wearing on windy days but as it is so sticky it does tend to stay in place rather well.
Most say that a lot of the MAC products have a Vanilla scent but I disagree on this as it smells exactly like Ferrero Rocher, which is never a bad thing!
Although MAC claim it wears for up to 6 hours, I don't think this accurate as it is probably about 3, which is better than any lipgloss i've had before. 
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Persistent Peach £17

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