An Interview With Nina Naustdal

Nina Naustal presented her AW14 collection at Birmingham International Fashion Week last month, her travels reflected the subtle inspiration from nature and animals. Long black gowns were embellished with feathers whilst using classic tailoring.

Her philosophy is based around the premise that 'normal is boring'. All Nina’s pieces are made in London so she can personally oversee every stage of production and ensure that each piece is finished to the highest quality and that the dresses are perfectly cut to compliment her clients. I loved the show at BIFW and was lucky enough to have a chat with her backstage about the collection.

First of all, what inspired the collection you’re presenting us with today?
My inspiration for my collection is mainly my travels. Different cultures, different countries. I pick up a lot of inspiration from animals, art is a big thing for me, different cultures, buildings, artwork and paintings.

You mentioned your travels, where has influenced you the most?
I’ve been to South Africa, i’ve been to Asia, India, i’m based in Europe. But my favourite, I don’t know it’s so hard to decide, it would have to be a warmer climate. I love Cape Town, thats why theres lots of the animal prints that I brought in with this collection and the feathers, which obviously come from my birds inspiration.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?
That would probably be the feathered jacket, its a very strong piece and it kind of speaks for itself, its a very independent piece. (photographed below)

Sometimes it can be hard to incorporate feathers, how did you find the balance?
I think for me, fashion comes naturally. I think the balance i’ve found with the feathers and the clothing is perfect. If you make a dress and cover it all in feathers you would look like a bird. But using it as a feminine touch to make it elegant using a certain size of feathers, in certain places such as the shoulders can make it stand out and be more unique. Subtly is key.

How does it feel to have your work showcased at an event like this?
It’s very good, I actually won the retailer of the year award in London last year so i’m quite established in the UK. But it is my first time in Birmingham, so far so good. We’re all ready for the show, you know its another show and its another exposure, I hope people like it.

So has the day run smoothly, have you had any last minute complications?
No last minute crisis’ today, I do shows all the time now and it’s always a regular routine, it’s been great here in Birmingham. It’s all been smooth.


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