'Noah' - The short film set on a computer screen

I didn't have the intention of writing on this little space for a good few months yet. But, I was introduced to this film a couple of days ago and felt that it was too good not to pass on and share. 

My blog isn't the only tab you have open right now is it? Most likely you'll be here for a few seconds, maybe minutes if you're interested in what you're reading. The internet is so fast paced that we like to skim through numerous websites in such a short amount of time, possibly at the same time. Depending on how many devices you have in your reach right now.

‘Noah' is a 17 minute long Canadian film that was debuted at Toronto International Film Festival last year, it tells the story of a teen's breakup. What’s so unique about this story? It is set entirely on a teenagers iPhone and laptop screen.

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