Introducing | Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest is a 27 year old poet from south London. A recipient of the Ted Hughes Award for her 2012 piece Brand New Ancients, she left school with no A-levels, hung out in squats and her voice itself is one of those raw 21st-century London accents, comparable to Jamie T.

The poet came to my attention in early 2013 when she featured on Bastille's second mixtape 'Other People's Heartache Part 2' with the track 'Forever Ever'. Her voice intrigued me and I found her way of telling stories incredibly engaging. Her 2014 album 'Everybody Down' tells a story from the first track to the last, she weaves an intricate tale of inter-connected characters, each with their own tale. It definitely isn't an easy listen, and if you just want some background music put on a generic pop album, they all sound the same. But if you want something original, something that completely defies all genres, Kate Tempest is an artist to check out.

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